I have known Dr. Raveesh sunkara since 2020. I approached him when my friend diagnosed with brain hammarage. I was absolutely broken when I came to know that. He has given very good treatment and monitored his health continually. He has always been very supportive and very accessible in the hour of our need despite his busy work schedules. He takes time to know his patients, inquires about all concerns and issues they have and resolves them and makes sure that their stress levels are low. The care, concern and professionalism that he shows to his patients is amazing. There were a lot of times when he lost interest in his life, became so depressed. But, undoubtedly, it is because of him that he have become so positive after those gruelling hours of rehabilitation and other kinds of medical treatment. Even now, when we go for annual checkups he treats with him with as much care. Moreover, whenever I recommended him to some of my friends/acquaintances who had similar health issues, he treated them in the same way, with utmost care and concern. All I can say is that he is a great doctor and, more than that, an awesome human being.

Srinivas Vkvs

An amazing experience from the beginning till the end. Dr. RAVEESH (Neuro surgeon) @ Yashoda hospital, Malakpet is the best surgeon we have ever met, we have received great care. His expertise in surgeries, willingness to listen and being patient are his great qualities that has put us in ease with the emergency procedures which we had to experience. We are very thankful for the way the situation was dealt with and will ensure to consult him in the future for follow up’s

Janeshwar Gutthi

Mr.Dr.Ravesh is knoweldgeable and courteous person. I know Dr.Ravesh sir since 3 month’s, when my father met with an accident I approached him for further treatment.He guided me with his generous and kind word’s when I was emotionally sacrred.Counselling regarding the patient progress ,condition and the way of responding immediately was absolutely clear.I thank him from bottom of my heart for the warmth with which he treated my father for good health.

Vineetha Nandipalli

Dr Raveesh Sunkara it’s important to remember that you doctor doesn’t expect anything more than a sincere thank you so much sir happy patient….. grateful thank you so much sir!

Paladugu Navya

Dr. Raveesh did a great job with my brother surgery. He explained everything to me in a very clear manner. He was also kind and friendly. Thanks once again Sir.. Ur great!..

Venkat E

The Services i received from Dr.Raveesh sir was Excellent. He is very polite and kind in receiving and he explains the things in a very understandable way. The way he treated my father and the way how he inspires the patients to be brave is Respectful. He keeps on responding to text messages as well with out hesitation.Overall this is a great experience in interacting with him.

Naveen G

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