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Neurosurgery is a specialized field of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and surgical management of disorders affecting the nervous system, including the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves. 

Neurosurgeons are medical professionals who specialize in performing surgical interventions for these conditions. They possess a deep understanding of the complexities of the nervous system and employ surgical techniques to treat a wide range of neurological disorders.

These conditions include brain tumors, spinal cord injuries, strokes, aneurysms, epilepsy, and degenerative spine conditions.

Neurosurgery requires precision, skill, and a commitment to staying updated with the latest surgical techniques and technological advancements to deliver optimal outcomes.

Dr Raveesh Sunkara, a highly regarded neurosurgeon in Hyderabad, is dedicated to delivering outstanding care to patients needing brain and spine surgeries.  With his extensive knowledge and proficiency, Dr Raveesh has established himself as one of the best neurosurgeon in Hyderabad.

His commitment to utilizing the latest advancements in medical technology, combined with his compassionate approach, sets him apart in the field.

Driven by his fascination with the ever-evolving precision technology in neurosurgery, Dr Raveesh Sunkara constantly seeks opportunities to enhance his clinical practice.

As a board-certified neurosurgeon, Dr Raveesh Sunkara is deeply committed to providing his patients with the highest quality of care. He believes in incorporating the latest technology into his practice while maintaining a patient-centric approach.

Whether dealing with a complex brain tumor or addressing back pain, Dr Sunkara ensures that every patient receives the best possible experience and outcomes. Recognizing the importance of detailed discussions, he believes effective communication is the key to resolving many medical issues.

With his expertise and unwavering dedication, he continues to make significant strides in the field of neurosurgery in Hyderabad, redefining the standards of brain and spine care and beyond.

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    Top services offered by Dr. Raveesh Sunkara

    Dr Raveesh Sunkara provides a comprehensive range of neurosurgical services to address various conditions affecting the brain and spine. His expertise includes

    Brain Tumor Surgery

    Being a highly skilled brain surgeon, Dr Raveesh Sunkara employs advanced techniques to provide effective brain tumor surgery in Hyderabad and improve patients’ quality of life

    Young man with trauma of the head

    Head Injury Treatment

    Dr Sunkara specializes in diagnosing and treating head injuries with utmost care and expertise, whether a minor head injury or a more severe traumatic brain injury.

    Brain Stroke Surgery

    Prompt intervention is crucial in cases of brain stroke. Dr Sunkara’s expertise in brain stroke treatment in Hyderabad ensures timely and effective treatment. It helps in minimizing potential complications and maximizing recovery.

    Spine Surgery

    Dr Raveesh Sunkara, a highly trained spine neurosurgeon, is well-versed in performing intricate spine surgeries to address conditions such as spinal deformities, herniated discs, and spinal cord injuries.

    Lumbar Disc Surgery

    Dr Sunkara is adept in performing lumbar disc surgeries to alleviate pain and restore function in patients suffering from disc herniation or degenerative disc diseases

    Cervical Disc Surgery

    For patients with cervical disc problems, Dr Sunkara offers specialized surgical interventions to relieve pain, improve mobility, and enhance the overall quality of life.

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    Why Choose Dr Raveesh Sunkara?

    When it comes to neurosurgery in Hyderabad, Dr Raveesh Sunkara stands out as a highly sought-after professional. Here are a few reasons why patients choose him:

    Expertise and Experience


    Patient-Centric Approach


    Advanced Technology


    Collaborative Approach

    About Dr Raveesh Sunkara and his Team

    MBBS, MS, MCh - Neurology

    Neuro & Spine Surgeon


    Overall 10 Years of Experience


    Neurological disorder, Stroke, Epilepsy

    • Dr Raveesh Sunkara is one of the best neurosurgeon doctor in Hyderabad with a deep passion for his field.
    • Currently, he practices as a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Arete Hospitals, Gachibowli.
    • In 2010, he completed his MBBS from Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad.
    • Then, in 2011-12, he practised as a Junior Doctor at Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad.
    • In 2015, Dr Raveesh Sunkara completed his M.S. (General Surgery) from D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pune. Here, he also practised as a Resident Doctor from 2012-15.
    • Dr Sunkara discovered his passion for neurosurgery during his surgery residency, considering it the most challenging sub-specialty.

    • He completed his M. Ch (Neurosurgery) in 2018 from Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Bangalore, graduating as one of the youngest neurosurgeons in India. From 2015-18, he worked as Resident Doctor at this institute.

    • From 2018-21, Dr Raveesh practised as a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad.• His dedication to improving patient experiences led him to pursue an MBA in Healthcare at the prestigious Indian School of Business in 2021-22, further solidifying his understanding of the role of technology in healthcare delivery.

    • In 2021-22, Dr Sunkara served as a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad. 
    • Together, they provide patients with a nurturing and compassionate environment, ensuring their comfort and well-being throughout their treatment journey.

    Expert rofessionals

    Dr Raveesh is supported by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who share his commitment to excellence in patient care.

    Board-Certified Neurosurgeon

    Dr Sunkara’s expertise encompasses a wide range of neurosurgical procedures.

    Highly Standardized Protocols

    Use a thorough guide for our team to provide optimum care to our patients.

    10+ Years of Experience

    Our expert neurosurgeon and team have combined knowledge and expertise spanning more than one decade.

    Leading the Way in Neurological Excellence

    Patient Testimonial

    Alakuntla VenuAlakuntla Venu
    10:18 04 Jul 22
    naveen gnaveen g
    12:02 11 Dec 21
    The Services i received from Dr.Raveesh sir was Excellent. He is very polite and kind in receiving and he explains the things in a very understandable way. The way he treated my father and the way how he inspires the patients to be brave is Respectful. He keeps on responding to text messages as well with out hesitation.Overall this is a great experience in interacting with him.
    Venkat EVenkat E
    14:18 19 Oct 21
    Dr. Raveesh did a great job with my brother surgery. He explained everything to me in a very clear manner. He was also kind and friendly. Thanks once again Sir.. Ur great!..
    Sambasiva Rao LankaSambasiva Rao Lanka
    08:40 08 Oct 21
    I knew Dr. RAVEESH SUNKARA through his father Dr. S. Kishore Kumar, MD who is our Family Doctor since more than 35 years. I approached him when my wife, Aged 65 years was suffering with Left hand Tremors, Urine problem, memory disturbance, etc. She has come to a stage that she was unable to walk.In MRI it was found that 'Tumar' is developing, first time noticed. After diagnosing Dr. Raveesh Sunkara suggested for immediate Surgery to avoid further complications. He explained to us the problem and required procedure to be done. I strongly believed his confidence over his profession, way of his explanation on the case, his guts too on observation, though young and Dynamic.Surgery was done on 25/09/21 by Dr. RAVEESH SUNKARA, NEURO SURGEON, Yashoda hospital Malakpet, SUCCESSFULLY. My wife is now able to walk within 4 days' time, talking as usual, recovering slowly. She is out of danger now. Thanks to all of you.Dr. RAVEESH SUNKARA has given very good treatment to my wife, giving further LIFE not only to her, but to me too, a 71 years' Young Husband.We believe that he is one of the Best NEURO SURGEON in our twin cities. GOD BLESS HIM.🙏🙏🙏
    BhanuPrakash BBhanuPrakash B
    15:15 07 Oct 21
    Vineetha NandipalliVineetha Nandipalli
    10:00 18 Sep 21
    Mr.Dr.Ravesh is knoweldgeable and courteous person. I know Dr.Ravesh sir since 3 month's, when my father met with an accident I approached him for further treatment.He guided me with his generous and kind word's when I was emotionally sacrred.Counselling regarding the patient progress ,condition and the way of responding immediately was absolutely clear.I thank him from bottom of my heart for the warmth with which he treated my father for good health.
    Janeshwar GutthiJaneshwar Gutthi
    10:48 14 Sep 21
    An amazing experience from the beginning till the end.Dr. RAVEESH (Neuro surgeon) @ Yashoda hospital, Malakpet is the best surgeon we have ever met, we have received great care. His expertise in surgeries, willingness to listen and being patient are his great qualities that has put us in ease with the emergency procedures which we had to experience.We are very thankful for the way the situation was dealt with and will ensure to consult him in the future for follow up's
    Supriya AwasthiSupriya Awasthi
    07:05 04 Sep 20
    Dr. Raveesh performed my husband's surgery. It's been more than one month now and he is doing well now. He is a very nice doctor . After diagnosing the problem, he explained the problem and required procedure to be done to me and my family. He advised to get the surgery done immediately rather than to wait . He assured that my husband would be fine and there is no life risk in doing surgery. During the hospitalization period, he was very supportive. He got in touch even after discharge to check about my husband's well being. He has lot of patience and good professional experience.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dr Raveesh Sunkara stands out for his extensive expertise, advanced surgical skills, patient-centric approach, and utilization of cutting-edge technology in neuro surgery.

    To schedule an appointment with Dr Raveesh Sunkara, please contact the clinic directly via phone or visit our website for online appointment booking options.
    Yes, Dr Raveesh Sunkara is experienced in both brain and spine surgeries. He specializes in a wide range of neurosurgical procedures for various conditions affecting the brain and spine.
    During the initial consultation, Dr Sunkara will carefully listen to the patient’s concerns, thoroughly evaluate their condition, and discuss available treatment options. He will provide personalized recommendations and answer any questions the patient may have.
    Yes, non-surgical treatment options may be available depending on the specific condition. Dr Raveesh Sunkara takes a comprehensive approach and will explore all possible avenues for your condition, including non-surgical treatments, before considering surgical intervention.