Scoliosis Treatment in Hyderabad

Success rate is almost 100%

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Best age for Scoliosis Surgery for Children: 3-5 years

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    Success rate is almost 100%

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    Best age for Scoliosis Surgery for Children: 3-5 years

scoliosis-of-the-spineSideways curvature of the spine is known as scoliosis. This condition usually affects children and teenagers. However, with the right treatment, you can achieve lasting correction and improve your quality of life.

Dr. Raveesh Sunkara, one of the best neurosurgeon in Hyderabad is renowned for his expertise in scoliosis treatment, brain tumor, spine surgery, brain stroke, etc. He believes in a patient-centric approach as each case is unique and requires a tailored solution.

He has extensive knowledge and proficiency in minimally invasive procedures as well as intricate spinal fusions. He offers personalized treatment plans for long-lasting results.

He ensures his patients receive the best possible care by utilizing state-of-the-art medical technologies. His steadfast compassion and unwavering drive to improvement set him apart, earning him a trusted name for scoliosis treatment in Hyderabad.

So, if you are searching for a highly skilled scoliosis doctor to address your concerns, look no further than Dr. Raveesh Sunkara. He is an expert in his field, redefining the standards of care and offering hope through his expertise and unwavering dedication.

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What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition wherein the spine curves abnormally to one side, commonly in the form of S or C. Although it can afflict anyone at any age, it usually starts in childhood or adolescence.

Scoliosis can cause pain, unequal hips or shoulders, and in severe cases, breathing difficulties, even though the underlying reason is frequently unclear.

Depending on the degree of curvature and the general health of the person, the intensity of the symptoms might vary significantly. If you have any concerns, you can consult Dr. Raveesh Sunkara for comprehensive scoliosis treatment in Hyderabad at Arete Hospital.

What are the different scoliosis treatments available?

When a person has scoliosis that curves between 25 and 40 degrees, their spine is generally guided while they are growing using a specialized back brace. However, they may need surgery to avoid complications if the curvature is more than 40 degrees.

Dr. Raveesh Sunkara, a competent scoliosis doctor in Hyderabad, provides an array of surgical options, such as:

  • Spinal fusion :

    By using rods, screws, or implants, this surgical technique aims to correct some curvature that currently exists while also permanently halting the advancement of curves.

  • Posterior spinal fusion (PSF):

    Operating from the back gives access to all spinal segments. Dr. Sunkara may use this surgical method for complex curves.

  • Anterior scoliosis correction (ASC):

    By accessing the spine from the front of the chest results in less rib humping and better cosmetic outcome.


  • Growing Rod Procedures:

  • Growing rods:

    These rods are for younger kids. They gradually adjust over time to straighten the curve without needing more surgery. The doctor will decide the precise kind of rod and schedule of adjustments based on your age and growth potential.

  • Growing rods:

    These rods are for younger kids. They gradually adjust over time to straighten the curve without needing more surgery. The doctor will decide the precise kind of rod and schedule of adjustments based on your age and growth potential.

  • Minimally invasive techniques:

  • Minimally invasive scoliosis surgery (MISS):

    Dr. Sunkara performs MISS whenever feasible since it cuts recovery time and minimizes muscle damage thanks to smaller incisions and specialized instruments.

  • Vertebral body tethering (VBT):

    With the help of implants, this novel approach straightens the curvature of the spine by limiting growth on one side while promoting normal growth on the other.

You can visit Dr. Raveesh Sunkara to help determine the most suitable surgical option for your scoliosis treatment in Hyderabad.

What is the cost of scoliosis treatment in Hyderabad?

The average scoliosis cost in Hyderabad ranges from Rs. 300000 to Rs. 1100000, depending on the surgery you undergo.


Type of surgery Cost
Spinal fusion (Posterior and anterior) Rs. 300000 to Rs. 1000000
Vertebral body tethering Rs. 700000 to Rs. 1100000
Growing rod method Rs. 600000 to Rs. 1000000

The actual cost of scoliosis treatment in Hyderabad varies depending on various factors, such as:

Hospital type: Private hospitals charge more because of their modern technology and amenities, whereas government hospitals are less expensive.

Experience and expertise of the surgeon: More skilled surgeons may charge more.

Surgical complexity: Longer operating durations for more complicated procedures may increase the overall cost.

Type of implants: Advanced implants are more expensive.

After surgery: The total cost may increase due to longer hospital stays or additional treatments.

You can contact Dr. Raveesh Sunkara, one of the top neurosurgeon in Hyderabad, for an accurate diagnosis, treatment plan, and cost discussion.

Transform your posture with our scoliosis solution!

Transform your posture with our scoliosis solution!

What is the success rate of scoliosis treatment?

The success rate of scoliosis treatment in Hyderabad depends on the degree and type of spine curve. Furthermore, it also depends on the procedure, and your general health.
With advancements in medical science and cutting-edge technology, the success rate for scoliosis treatment is above 80%.

Why choose Dr. Raveesh Sunkara for scoliosis treatment?

  • Dr. Sunkara is one of the top scoliosis doctor in Hyderabad with extensive experience and expertise.
  • He tailors treatment plans to your individual needs and goals.
  • He provides a wide range of surgical options, including minimally invasive techniques.
  • Dr. Raveesh Sunkara is committed to providing patients with the latest advancements and the best possible results.
  • He prioritizes not just physical but also emotional well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recovery time varies from person to person:

Spinal fusion: You will have to stay in the hospital for 3 to 5 days and will need months to recover.

Growing rod procedures: Here you will require a shorter hospital stay but will need frequent adjustments until the bone matures.

VBT: The recovery is more quickly than other methods.

Risks of scoliosis surgery include infection, bleeding, and nerve injury.

Although scoliosis braces cannot permanently straighten your spine, they can:

    • Stop the curve from getting worse
    • Lessen the pain
    • Correct the posture

Age, wear time compliance, and the severity of the curve all contribute to how effective bracing is.